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Leo 23 GT

A remarkable design featuring a telescopic lower boom and rotating basket make this an incredibly versatile and capable machine. It has the capability to raise its 'knuckle' to almost 12 metres from where its top boom can extend out to 11.2m – meaning that this machine can reach above and over an 11 metre high obstacle – whether it be part of the building such as a Church aisle or over a separate feature such as a tree or tall hedge. This machine is nevertheless capable of passing through a standard size domestic front door.


Working Height: 23m
Outreach: 11.2m
Safe working load: Max 200kg
Size of cage: 1.4m, 0.7m, 1.1m
Weight: 3010kg
Ground loading: < 1.8kN/m²
Height in travelling position: 1.98m


Recommended Applications

  • High level inspection/maintenance of exterior/interior churches and cathedrals
  • Chimney maintenance/flue lining
  • Superb for working on large trees

Our Leo 23 GT at Pershore Abbey (above)


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