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Contracted Work

Where a basic maintenance task such as gutter cleaning around a building is required, the majority of clients prefer to commission us to do the job for them. These small contracts are carried out under our own insurance, are fully risk assessed, properly planned and carried out by experienced operatives. Numerous clients from parish Churches right up to large schools and Estates engage us annually to carry out the routine care work on their buildings.

Working at height is regarded by the Health and Safety executive as inherently dangerous, and can be a perpetual problem for businesses and organisations trying to maintain their buildings properly, without falling foul of H&S legislation. We provide a simple solution to this problem – providing a comprehensive work at height contracting service to owners and management.

Roof Cleaning

We are an approved user of the DOFF superheated water/steam cleaning system. Featuring a combination of pressurised hot water (150 degrees), we are able to scald off moss, lichen and other accumulated dirt and grime from roof fabric, leaving a clean, moss-free surface. Spores and seeds of roof colonising plants are also killed by the DOFF, greatly extending the period of time before eventual re-establishment. Roof cleaning, just like gutter cleaning is a cyclical maintenance issue and needs to be repeated periodically in order to keep the roof fabric moss free.

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Roof Repair

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Gutter Cleaning & Gutterclear

We have many years of experience in cleaning and maintaining gutters of all ages and styles. A typical church or historic house may have eaves, parapet, and valley gutters – combined with various outflow pipes, gargoyles, lead or cast iron hoppers and downpipes. A blockage at any point can lead to major damage to both the exterior and interior fabric of a building.

We offer a comprehensive gutter cleaning service – usually on an annual basis – to clear all debris including the jetting of blocked downpipes where necessary. Most gutters are beyond the safe reach of ladders, and would cost a huge sum to access by scaffolding. Using our range of tracked and vehicle mounted cherry pickers we are able to reach virtually any gutter on any building.

We can provide our clients with photos of work done (before/after) and will always photograph any roof/high level defects or damage noticed while working at high level, and which may be difficult or impossible to see from the ground.

Gutter cleaning at the Gloucester Docks Before ... ... After


In 2007 The Diocese of Gloucester in conjunction with Maintain Our Heritage launched a pioneering scheme encouraging Churches to carry out an annual inspection and clearance of their gutters, hoppers and downpipes. This fundamentally simple measure is the most effective way to reduce the likelihood of serious damage occurring as a result of rainwater ingress or perpetual damp.

We have been enthusiastic supporters of the Gutterclear Scheme from the start, and are currently carrying out scores of Gutterclear contracts annually. Year upon year we are noticing an increased uptake among Churches within the Diocese – along with those of many other denominations, and in neighbouring Diocese such as Worcester, Hereford and Birmingham.

Churches who engage our services for a gutter clearance also benefit from before/after photos of the gutter work, along with photos of any obvious defects (e.g. broken/missing roof tiles, damaged flashings, suspect masonry etc) which we will send via email to our client.

If our visit coincides with a quinquennial inspection, we are often able to accommodate requests from architects who wish to make a high level inspection – numerous architects in Gloucester and surrounding Diocese are now used to taking the opportunity of a birds eye view while we are on site clearing gutters.

The SPAB (Society for the protection of ancient buildings) Faith in Maintenance team recently produced a DVD for Churches encouraging and demonstrating to them the simple maintenance steps which can keep a church building in good condition. This DVD featured Forrester Access demonstrating a gutter clearance at St Stephen's Church, Cheltenham – further evidence that planned routine maintenance is recognised by leading organisations within the heritage sector as the best way to conserve and protect our built heritage.

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Lime Mortar Pointing & Repair

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